Our Staff

The Northern Territory Emergency Service has a team of 21 employees and an army of enthusiastic volunteers who train hard to support the needs of their communities.

Director NT Emergency Service

The Director is responsible for providing overall leadership and direction to the NTES organisation.  The Director is also the Executive Officer for the Territory Emergency Management Council which in conjunction with the Security and Emergency Response section of the Department of the Chief Minister, oversees all emergency management and recovery operations for the Northern Territory.  Under the Emergency Management Act, the Director also has responsibility for the coordination of any Commonwealth support that is provided to the Territory for emergency planning, emergency operation and recovery operations. 

Senior Strategic Policy Officer

Amongst many responsibilities, the Senior Strategic Policy Officer's main role is to lead the production of emergency management policy development.  The Senior Strategic Policy Officer also oversees the capability development of NTES Volunteer Units, the management of the Natural Disaster Resilience Program and the provision of public education for the Northern Territory.

Regional Manager Northern and Regional Manager Southern

NTES consists of three regions that are managed by two regional managers: Regional Manager North and Regional Manager South. The regional managers ensure effective NTES support to the region through the provision of high quality administrative and operational support to NTES volunteer units and emergency management advice and support to Local and Regional Emergency Management Controllers through effective leadership of the Area Managers.

Area Managers

To support the Regional Managers, there are seven Area Managers across the Territory who ensure the provision of high quality administrative, training, logistic and operational support to NTES volunteer units within an assigned area of the region.

Senior Education and Development Officer (SEDO)

The SEDO manages the NTES Training and Development section Territory-wide.  The section is responsible for the coordination and maintenance of the NT Emergency Service Training Pathways, managing Work Health and Safety for the NTES and the administration and delivery of specialist training such as Urban Search & Rescue, Vertical Rescue and other accredited training to all NTES Volunteers.

Training Officer

The Training Officer works closely with the SEDO to deliver specialist training such as Flood Boat Operations, Road Crash Rescue as well as other accredited Emergency Management training to NTES Volunteers.

Business Support and Program Manager

The key role for the Business Support and Program Manager is to manage and administer the Natural Disaster Resilience Program and be the primary source for information and advice in regards to the program.  For more information on the Natural Disaster Resilience Program, click HERE.

Public Education Officer (PEO)

The PEO co-ordinates community awareness campaigns, such as GET READY GET THRU; and is responsible for raising public awareness of potential disasters and the community's resilience development on disaster preparation.

Capabilities Officer

The Capabilities Officer is responsible for collecting and analysing operational data, procuring operational equipment and maintaining inventory management and risk registers.

Directorate Clerk, Operations Clerk North and Operations Support Officer South

Administration support is provided by the Directorate Clerk and Operations Clerk North, located in Darwin and Operations Support Officer South, located in Alice Springs.