A good way to enjoy fireworks on Territory Day is to attend one of the NTG funded public fireworks displays around the NT. If you are using your own fireworks, here are some tips to reduce potential harms.

Remember, common fireworks are explosives and must be handled with care and respect to prevent injury and property damage. 

  • Do not buy more fireworks than you can safely use on Territory Day. It is illegal to possess fireworks outside of Territory Day.
  • Clear a 10 metre in diameter area to light your fireworks in and use a sand bucket to stabilise fireworks, especially multi-shot fireworks.
  • Have a hose or bucket of water ready for emergencies.
  • Do not wear synthetic (e.g. nylon, rayon, polyester) clothes around fireworks as stray sparks can cause them to catch fire.
  • Dud fireworks can still go off, leave for 15 minutes then douse with water.
  • Never point, hold or throw lit fireworks.
  • Never give fireworks to children under 12 years of age. Supervise children at all times.
  • Don’t hold more than one lit sparkler together at the same time.

If you do get burnt, cool the area immediately by submerging under cold running water for 20 minutes. It is also recommended to cover the wound with cling wrap and seek medical help immediately for proper assessment and management.