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Update 1 Bushfires Alice Springs

Wednesday 10-Aug-2011 11:29

Firefighters have been working throughout the night to cut fire breaks and contain fires to the north and south-west of Alice Springs.

Acting Superintendent Jody Nobbs said the Emergency Operations Centre was activated late yesterday to co-ordinate the response to the fire hazards near the township. 

 “Two large fires have been burning to the north-west and south-west of Alice Springs for the past couple of days,” A/Supt Nobbs said.

  “The large fire approximately ten kilometres north-west of the town has burnt an area of approximately 620 square kilometres, while the second fire, approximately 30kms to the south-west of Alice Springs in the area of Simpsons Gap has burnt out an area of approximately 105 square kilometres.

“Fire crews, including volunteer fire fighters and emergency service volunteers, have been fighting to contain the fires throughout the night using bulldozers to cut fire breaks and then back-burn towards the breaks. With winds from the south at present we are satisfied the fire to the north-west of Alice Springs poses no threat to the town or any property in the immediate area,” A/Supt Nobbs said.

 “However a number of residential properties are still under threat from the fire burning to the south-west of the town and fire crews are currently focussing their efforts in this area. A number of residents whose properties were in the direct line of the fire were evacuated during the night  and several others have been placed on notice that evacuation may be required as the day progresses.

 “We would ask that everyone limits non-essential travel in the area,  and that those who live in and around the Larapinta Drive area to the west of Alice Springs make appropriate preparations should they be required to evacuate.”

A/Supt Nobbs paid tribute to fire crews who worked throughout the night to contain the fires.

 “Fire crews and emergency service personnel have worked tirelessly throughout the night and through their efforts no property has been lost nor injuries sustained. We will continue to bring updated information on the situation as it comes to hand so residents are advised to listen to their radios for the latest information as the situation unfolds.”

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