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High-Tech Armoured Rescue Vehicle now part of the NT Police Arsenal

Monday 16-May-2011 12:20

Northern Territory Police have taken possession of the latest piece of equipment to help combat dangerous situations.

The high-tech Armoured Rescue Vehicle is designed to help police deal with acts of terrorism or hostage incidents.

Direct from the United States, the 400-thousand dollar vehicle is blast proof and bullet proof.

It weighs just over nine tonnes, has a super heavy duty chassis and a modified armoured external shell.

"It's state-of-the-art and can assist police in situations such as recovering injured people, delivering specialist TRG personnel and moving resources," said Police Commissioner John McRoberts.

"The highly mobile vehicle is the perfect platform to transport a large number of officers to an incident."

Police Commissioner John McRoberts today accepted the keys to the vehicle from the Attorney General's representative Senator Trish Crossin.

Funded by the Commonwealth, the vehicle was agreed to and purchased by the National Counter-Terrorism Committee.

Two identical ARVs have been delivered to South Australia and the ACT, while NSW and QLD already have similar vehicles.

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