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Vertical Rescue Complete - Alice Springs

Wednesday 04-Apr-2012 16:10

Northern Territory Emergency Services (NTES) volunteers completed the vertical rescue of a man who had fallen from a cliff in Central Australia.

NTES Southern Region Duty Officer Karl Herzog said a four-member Vertical Rescue Team arrived at Ellery Creek Big Hole, about 80 kilometres west of Alice Springs, around 9.30 this morning.

“They were joined by a five member NTES volunteer support group, Police from Hermannsburg and St John Ambulance,” Mr Herzog said.

“When they arrived they found a 24-year-old Alice Springs man on a small ledge about 20 metres above the rock hole.

“It appears the man and his three friends camped the night at the rock hole and had decided to climb the surrounding rock face to watch the sunrise before the man lost his footing and slipped six metres at about 6.45am.

“He was extremely lucky to have landed on a very small ledge which broke a fall of a further 20 metres to the rock hole below.

“The man was rescued in stages using rope work and safety harnesses.

“He managed to partially walk out while at other times he was in a stretcher.

“The rescue was completed at around 11.30am and the man was conveyed to the Alice Springs hospital by St John Ambulance with injuries to his arm and head.”

Mr Herzog said the most difficult part of the rescue was finding anchor points to secure the ropes.

“We also had to ensure the injured man was not further injured.”

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