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Northern Territory Emergency Service's extraordinary volunteers continue their work

Thursday 31-Dec-2015 11:55

In the week leading up to Christmas many NTES volunteers throughout the Territory were kept busy with storm damage and search operations and we were warned out for the likelihood of a tropical cyclone forming over the Christmas period.

Christmas Day saw NTES volunteers called upon to respond to storm and flood related tasks throughout communities across the Top End as the severe weather hit the Darwin region. Volunteers put their festivities aside to assist clearing fallen trees and make temporary repairs to properties with damaged roofs (their Christmas lunch was a toasted sandwich between jobs).

As the low moved south over the weekend, attention quickly focussed on the Daly and Katherine regions, with members in Daly River preparing their property and then assisting others to evacuate safely.

Katherine members were busy contacting people that had been isolated by the flood waters to ensure their safety as well as responding to local storm damage jobs.

During this period Darwin and Palmerston unit members, having assisted with the setup of the evacuation centre to receive Daly River residents, continued to serve their communities by responding to more storm damage and support tasks as they arose.

These extraordinary people continue to serve by assisting Daly River Police with surveys, animal recovery, administration and flood boat tasks, work which is expected to continue well into the next week.

In all, about 50 volunteers have been involved with the response to the flooding events.

NTES Director Andy Warton said, “The commitment and skill demonstrated by our NTES volunteers over the festive season is outstanding. The Northern Territory is a resilient community and the commitment of NTES volunteers to helping their community contributes to that resilience.”