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This has to stop – Drink Driving

Saturday 06-Feb-2016 15:38

Northern Territory Police have been left wondering what it will take for motorists to understand the dangers of drink driving.

Territory Duty Superintendent James O’Brien said he was appalled to see a total of twenty five individuals caught for drink driving within the last 48 hours.

“The message just doesn’t seem to be getting across. When you put yourself behind the wheel after a few drinks, you are dramatically increasing the chances of injuring or killing not only yourself, but other innocent road users.

“Just before 9:00pm yesterday (5 February 2016), Police attempted to pull over a Holden Commodore sedan on the Stuart Highway near Burrows Creek.

“The vehicle continued on for a kilometre before pulling off to the side of the road and turning off the car lights to avoid detection. Upon approaching the vehicle Police were shocked to find a total of thirteen unrestrained occupants in the car, including nine children aging from 5 to 12-years-old.

“A further inspection of the car revealed shocking defects including no brakes and no seatbelts. The 28-year-old male driver was breath tested and returned a medium range reading of .105 BrAc.

He was charged with:

  • Driving with unrestrained child (x9)
  • Drive without fastened seatbelt
  • Drive with medium range BrAc
  • Driving an unregistered motor vehicle
  • Driving whilst unlicensed
  • Driving an unsafe motor vehicle
  • Breach of APO


“Time after time Police are knocking on doors to inform people that their loved ones have died in a car accident. We are urging people to stop and think about their actions so no more lives are destroyed on Territory roads.

“Stop this madness,” Superintendent O’Brien said.