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Nemesis Cross Border Operation Success

Monday 29-Feb-2016 14:03

Northern Territory Police in conjunction with the Nemesis Cross Border Operation team are successfully getting the message out that Police have a no tolerance stance on drug driving.

Detective Superintendent Helen Braam said that as a result of a recent drug detection area roadblock, 92 vehicles were stopped of which there were no drink drivers. Two drug infringement notices were issued and a quantity of cannabis was seized.

“The two drug Infringement notices were issued on the Stuart Highway near the South Australia and Northern Territory Border,” she said.

“The infringements were issued to International tourists heading into South Australia.  In total 12 grams of cannabis were seized, and both persons received an infringement totalling $300 each.”

“I’m encouraged by the results of the operation last week.  I’m hoping it’s an indicator that there’s a greater awareness among the community about our no tolerance approach to drugs and alcohol.  Basically, if you intend to enter into the NT or even leave the NT as in this case, carrying drugs or under the influence of drugs or alcohol then you can expect to receive our undivided attention.” 

The Nemesis Cross Border Operation is committed to reducing the supply of illicit substances into remote communities.