Crime Stoppers

Christmas / New Year traffic operation concludes

Tuesday 05-Jan-2016 15:32

In the 13 days of the Christmas and New Year traffic operation across the Northern Territory the statistics tell a grim tale of speeding, drink driving and unregistered vehicles.

Superintendent Serge Bouma said the 7,070 drivers who tested negative to alcohol gave Police some faith that the majority of motorists take the responsibility of driving a vehicle seriously.

"However the 75 drivers who tested above the alcohol limit - an average of just below six every day - is cause for concern for every other driver on our roads.

"Half of these were mid-range – between 0.08 and 0.149 breath alcohol content, meaning their ability to make sound decisions would have been dangerously compromised.

“One 25-year-old male refused to supply a breath test and was charged with failure to supply a sufficient sample.

“133 drivers were booked for speeding - just above an average of 10 every day - and 98 for failure to wear a seatbelt.

“This is just lazy driving and a failure to consider safety.

Superintendent Bouma said on a ten year average, there are 2,158 motor vehicle crashes every year in the Northern Territory.

“43 lives will be lost and 394 people will be seriously and irreversibly injured.

“Think about that next time you are going somewhere in a hurry, driving under the influence or not wearing your seatbelt.”