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Secure your gun safe keys

Tuesday 12-Jan-2016 16:03

Northern Territory Police are asking gun owners to rethink their security and double check their gun safe keys are kept in a secure location.

Sergeant Amee Meredith from the Firearms Policy Section said Police were appealing to licenced gun owners following the theft of firearms from homes during recent break-ins.

“Police are concerned at the ease with which these offenders are finding and using gun safe keys.

“While we don’t believe the guns were the primary target many of these offenders act on an opportunistic basis.

“Keys are a major theft item and we are asking all householders to seriously rethink where you keep yours.  If they can be seen they will be taken and used.”

Sergeant Meredith said firearm owners have a responsibility to ensure the safekeeping of their firearms.

“Under NT legislation gun owners must take all reasonable precautions to ensure that the firearms are kept safely, that they are not lost or stolen and that they do not come into the possession of persons not authorised to possess them.

“This means that if you do own a firearm, you must ensure it is stored in your locked gun safe at all times.

“If your safe is located in your residence or in a place where visitors can access it, you must ensure that keys to your safe are well hidden.

“If you need to transport your firearm by vehicle for any reason, please ensure that the firearm is stored out of sight.  All ammunition is to be stored separately to your firearm.”

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