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Traffic Infringement Changes

Tuesday 15-Mar-2016 13:16

Tomorrow, Northern Territory Police will have the option to issue an on the spot fine for two existing offences that previously were only able to be dealt with by the courts.

The offences of drive an unregistered / uninsured motor vehicle and drive with an expired licence can now be dealt with by the issuing of a fine.

Any vehicle that is unregistered / uninsured for more than 12 months and is not a heavy vehicle, or any motor vehicle driven on a public street or in a public place that has never been registered, will attract a penalty of $1500. 

The offence of drive with a licence that has been expired for more than two months will only relate to expired licences, not disqualified, suspended or to someone who has never held a licence. The penalty for this offence is $500. 

Superintendent Bob Rennie said the changes should allow for more efficient use of both Police and court time. He said that the availability of an option to issue an on the spot fine for these offences should serve as a significant deterrent to those drivers who choose not to register their vehicles or renew their drivers licences.

“It is timely to remind all drivers that they are responsible for ensuring that any vehicle that they drive is registered and that they maintain the currency of their drivers licence at all times,” Superintendent Rennie said.