A well-earned reward

08 July 2015
For three kids from Wadeye’s The Lady of the Sacred Heart School, their 100% attendance at school for the year was rewarded by the local Police with a trip out on the water on the PPV Wadeye.
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The local Police thought a day out on the water in their boat would be a great reward for three dedicated kids who achieved 100% attendance at school for the year! Theona, Ezekiel and Isaiah.

With permission from their parents the kids were taken out on the boat, PPV Wadeye, for a day of boating and fishing. For the two younger brothers this was a little daunting as neither of them had been on a boat before and did not know what may happen.   Theona, the boys’ cousin, was able to reassure them of the adventure they were going to have.

The kids were given a safety brief and strapped into their life jackets. Handlines were issued and it was off for some fun. Constable Andrew Bravos was the coxswain for the day and Constable Cram the decky, number one bait handler, fish remover and catering officer. Andrews’s knowledge ensured that a safe and enjoyable day was had by all.

Due to the weather and tides the fishing was in the creeks but that was not before a trip out to the end of the Port near Docherty Island. A jumping display by a local Dolphin was met with excited laughter by the kids and eagle eye were then peeled for any other wildlife that may be seen. A number of cod and brim were caught but Theona proved to be the Finger Mark queen catching all of the finger mark that day and the majority of fish.

After a long but enjoyable day, the catch was divided up for the kids and with great big smiles they headed of for a well-deserved rest and tasty fish dinner.