Northern Commander's message

Commander Matthew Hollamby has responsibility for the Northern Command, which includes the Katherine, Arafura, and Arnhem and Western Divisions

Katherine has experienced an increase in assault offences over the past 12 months, up by 8%, however figures still remain at the second-lowest level over the last six years. We have seen reductions in the proportions of assaults that are associated with alcohol or domestic violence, though these factors still contribute to more than two-thirds of assaults in the area. Katherine continues to conduct proactive policing activities to reduce crime, in particular anti-social behaviour and assaults on persons, through Point Of Sale Interventions (POSIs) at takeaway liquor outlets.

Katherine has been affected by a rise in property crime during the school holiday period, along with an increase in persons within the township due to recent severe weather systems throughout the command. Overall, break-in offences have increased by 4%, with residential break-ins up by 27 while commercial break-ins reduced by 20 in the last year. Stealing and property damage offences have also contributed to an overall increase of 15% for offences against property in Katherine. This crime rise was anticipated and Katherine Police conducted Operations Peccato and Viktor throughout the school holiday period, involving general duties and specialised police sections engaging with the local youth and community, to reduce crime and improve community safety.

Katherine Police further recognise the importance of strengthening the relationship between the youth and local police, as these improved relationships will not only reduce crime, but also importantly helps youth achieve more success within areas of education, health and social opportunities.

Throughout Northern Command, police and the community will continue to work tirelessly to prevent and solve crimes to reduce this current crime rise and improve community safety across the area. Police ask for your help in this area by continuing to make life difficult for criminals, by ensuring you secure your valuable items and reducing opportunistic crimes, where offenders continue to enter through unlocked doors, helping themselves to your property.

In Nhulunbuy, both person and property crime has reduced over a 12 month period. Assaults have reduced by 5% and total break-in offences have decreased by 25%. Police will continue to engage with the community of Nhulunbuy to continue this long-term crime reduction.

Northern Command police encourage the community to report all suspicious activity and offending by reporting crimes to 131 444 or via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Further, police encourage the community to access the Neighbourhood Watch NT website which provides some practical tips on how you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim.