Northern Commander's message

Acting Commander Warren Jackson has responsibility for the
Northern Command, which includes the Northern and Road Policing, Firearms and East Arnhem Divisions

The communities of Northern Command are relishing the dry season with people taking advantage of open roads and sparkling seas. But this reminds us of the dangers that they pose. There have already been a number of rescue operations conducted around the coastline. Thankfully these have been resolved with positive results and no injuries. It’s clear that a lack of planning - including notifying friends and family of travel arrangements, carrying fuel reserves, ensuring boats have the required up-to-date safety gear are constant contributing factors. Don’t risk your life by being complacent.

The Northern Territory road toll continues to climb. The circumstances tend to be the same with a high percentage of these crashes happen in rural and remote areas, drivers speeding or not adhering to driving to conditions. More often than not, alcohol is involved and seat belts aren’t worn. These factors kill more people on the roads every year and that is why our messages don’t change.

  • Don’t drink and drive;
  • Don’t speed;
  • Make sure everyone has a seat belt and wears it;
  • Be aware of pedestrians;
  • Drive to the conditions; and
  • Take plenty of rest breaks even if you aren’t tired.

Having a licence to operate a vehicle is a privilege and comes with the ultimate responsibility of keeping yourself and others safe. Road crashes are one of the single most prominent causes of death in Australia and that is why Police will continue to target those that ignore the rules.

The Nhulunbuy crime statistics indicate that violent crime remains steady. The figures highlight that most assaults are against the ones we love and are worse when alcohol is included in the mix. Sadly the region has a rate of alcohol fuelled violence above the Territory average, but Police continue to work with stakeholders to change this.  

Despite everyone’s best efforts to secure their property, the number of break ins, stealing and damage continue to rise. The number of incidents have more than doubled in May 2018 compared to the same time last year. There is evidence that suggests youth subjected to violence in the home, family instability, low school attendance and substance abuse are far more likely to commit these types of offences. We as a community must help each other to raise our children in a safe and secure environment and keep them out of trouble. 

Northern Command continue to work closely with communities in a united front to strengthen resilience and deal with the challenges we all may face. People are urged to report all suspicious activity and offending to 131 444 or anonymously via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Further, NT Police encourage the community to access the Neighbourhood Watch NT website, which provides some practical tips on how you can reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime.