Ali Curung

There are 4 different language groups living in the community and a number of cattle stations and associated or individual Aboriginal communities in the region.

The police district covers an area of 27,000 km². The majority of workload lies within Ali Curung Community.

The police station is serviced by the Officer in Charge (Brevet Sergeant), one Constable, and one Aboriginal Community Police Officer. The Superintendent Barkly Division is situated in Tennant Creek, along with additional staffing and resources available 170 km north west.

Other Aboriginal communities within this district include Murray Downs (33 km east) population 120 people; Epenarra (190 km north east) population 300 people, Canteen Creek (250 km north east) population 240 people. Smaller outstations served by Ali Curung police include Greenwood, Jurrah Jurrah, Wauchope, and various other outstations which are populated from time to time.

A significant amount of motor vehicle registry work is undertaken at several of the cattle stations and Aboriginal communities as well as firearm duties. The majority of reported incidents revolve around liquor and intoxicated persons. During the tourist season, there is a high proportion of traffic work undertaken.

On a daily basis, the two roadhouses/licensed premises can have approximately 250 persons per night. Monthly rural patrolling is undertaken to raise the police profile in the more remote areas of this district. Joint police ventures and operations are conducted throughout the year in conjunction with police members from Tennant Creek, Ti Tree, Harts Range, and Avon Downs.

The police station was upgraded and renovated in September 2004. It is a modern facility with adjoining watch house, seized vehicle yard and electronically operated sally port (uncovered). The police station is air conditioned, equipped with 3 separate work stations and separate areas for interviewing and breath analysis