Ali Curung – Tennant Creek and Barkley

There are four different language groups living in the community and a number of cattle stations and associated or individual Aboriginal communities in the region.

Ali Curung sunset
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The Alekarenge School is located within the community and student ages range from 4 to 16 years. School of the Air is available through Alice Springs.


A health clinic is located in the centre of the community, staffed by registered nurses Aboriginal health workers, nurses and administration support.

Recreation activities

Ali Curung has an AFL team which competes in the Barkly Australian Football League. The Women’s Art and Craft Centre supports several well known Central Desert Region artists. Two licensed premises fall within this district, providing members with opportunities to eat out, meet friends, and spend time away from the community. Both premises have good facilities including a bar, restaurant, accommodation and swimming pool.


Arlpwe Art Gallery

Devils Marbles

Policeman's Waterhole

Davenport National Park

WWII Wolfram Mine Site