Maningrida – Arafura

Maningrida is the largest Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory with a population of over 2600. Pristine beaches and waterways for fishing and recreation are within walking distance.

Sunrise at Maningrida
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The traditional owners are the Kunibídji people. However after the community was established in the late 1940s by the government, other groups settled in the area meaning over 10 different languages are spoken in the community today and most residents are multilingual. In per capita terms, it is perhaps the most multilingual community in the world.

The township was established when, after World War II, the Welfare Branch sent two patrol officers to set up a trading post.


There is pre-school, primary school, secondary education and a community education centre.

Health services

The Community Health Centre provides primary health care services to the residents of Maningrida community via a mix of Aboriginal health workers, registered nurses, a doctor and through visits by a district medical officer.

Recreation activities

The community has a swimming pool and basketball courts. There is a local AFL competition and a basketball competition in which members play. The main activities are fishing and hunting. The community has a good social atmosphere with a social event almost every weekend. Parents and children’s activity days occur regularly.


Maningrida Arts and Cultural Markets

The Djomi Museum

Pristine beaches