Road Policing Commander's message

Commander Matt Hollamby has responsibility for the Road Policing Command. This includes Traffic Units in Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs and Major Crash Investigation Units in Darwin and Alice Springs. 

NT Police is committed to working with our road safety partners and the vision of our Towards Zero Road Safety Action Plan is a safer road transport system where no person is seriously injured or killed. Our focus is on reducing serious injury crashes and road related trauma across the NT.

During the month of August 2019, two people died on NT roads in separate crashes.  Both crashes were single vehicle rollovers on rural roads. As at the end of August 2019, there has been 21 fatalities on our roads (this calendar year) compared to 34 at the same time last year.

During this financial year, there has been a reduction in both fatal and serious injury crashes.  There has also been 226 less crashes (or a 15.7% reduction) reported than the same time last year.  Whilst this is a positive outcome for our community, it may not provide comfort to the families affected by tragedies on our roads.

Policing efforts will continue to concentrate on the ‘fatal five’ with an emphasis on rural roads. The fatal five include drink/drug driving, speeding, fatigue, and inattention/distraction and seatbelts. Some statistical data from 2018 that may help people understand why we target and focus on what we do includes:

  • 38% of fatalities were alcohol related.
  • 26% of fatalities were speed related.
  • 26% of people who died were not wearing a seatbelt.
  • 80% of fatalities occurred in rural areas.
  • 58% of fatalities occurred in single vehicle rollovers.
  • 22% of fatalities were pedestrians.

So far this year, we have tested 53,000 drivers for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  The number of people being charged has reduced by 10.9% but the number of people being issued with Traffic Infringement Notices has increased by 56.7%. This tends to indicate people are still taking risks by drink/drug driving but at lower levels of intoxication. Our aim is to test an additional 1,000 people this year for driving under the influence of drugs.

The aim of NT Police is to deliver road safety education, awareness, deterrence and enforcement with a view to preventing serious injury and fatal crashes. 

Notable preventative Operations that were conducted during the month of August 2019 include:

  • On 27 August 2019, NT Police mounted Operation Gloster as a part of a nationwide collaboration to address harms on rural roads. Other jurisdictions have also experienced an increase in rural crashes.  The NT wide operation saw over 4,000 drivers tested for drugs and alcohol. Five drivers tested positive for alcohol and one tested positive for drugs. In total, 182 traffic offences were detected during the Operation.
  • On 30 August 2019, Darwin Traffic Operations led Operation Transit which saw RBT Stations erected at every exit road from the Darwin CBD. During this Operation, over 1,400 random breath tests and drug driver tests were conducted. In total, 13 drivers were apprehended for drink driving.

In the north, the wet season is approaching and it is time for motorists to check the condition of their vehicles. The first rains cause exceptionally slippery conditions on our roads and everyone is encouraged to particularly check the condition of their tyres and windscreen wiper blades.