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Opening of the Territory Emergency Operations Centre

Emergency Service

The new Territory Emergency Operations Centre (TEOC) has been officially opened at the Peter McAulay Centre (PMC), Darwin.

Replacing the superseded PMC Emergency Operations Centre, the TEOC is a first-rate facility, aligning with national best practice, which is intended to future-proof our agency’s operational capability for years to come.

The completed project delivers a fully operational emergency management headquarters, designed to comfortably accommodate 70 people across key government agencies. Offering improved communications and connectivity, the TEOC will provide the space and layout necessary to protect Territorians during an emergency response, such as extreme weather events and public health emergencies.

The fit-for-purpose TEOC includes operations, administration and break out areas with offices for the Australia Defence Force, Incident Controller as well as a radio dispatch office, two conference rooms, kitchen and additional offices to coordinate multiple emergency events if required.

The facility is equipped with modern audio-visual equipment to enable the display of information from multiple sources on monitors in the operations or conference rooms.

Outside of an emergency response situation, the Northern Territory Emergency Service will use the facility for training, both in real-time and on location, to increase capacity to have an all-hazards approach to emergency management.

Commissioner of Police and CEO of Fire and Emergency Services Jamie Chalker said the TEOC is an important part of growing the Northern Territory’s capability in emergency situations.

“It will help us improve the service we can provide to the community and continue to deliver a safe and resilient Northern Territory.

“I am very excited about the opportunities the TEOC presents for our agency, and the Territory as a whole, and would like to thank everyone who has been involved in working to bring the centre online.”

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