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Police officers assaulted - Darwin and Alice Springs


Northern Territory Police have arrested a 17-year-old male for allegedly assaulting two police officers last night.

Around 8:00pm, police were dispatched to a reported disturbance at a residence in Alice Springs. Upon arrival the male became aggressive towards police. As a result he was placed in protective custody and conveyed to the Alice Springs Watch House.

At the watch house the male allegedly spat in the faces of the two police officers.

Acting Commander Brett Prowse said, “I am at a loss to explain how any individual could think it was acceptable to intentionally spit on one of our police officers or any other frontline worker for that matter. 

“The police in the Northern Territory joined to help Territorians 24 hours a day,
7 days a week, and we accept that comes with inherent risks. However, what I and my colleagues should never have to accept is the filthy habit of being spat on. It needs to stop now”.

The male has been charged with two counts of assault a member of the police force and one count of criminal damage. He will appear in court on a later date.

In a separate matter, a 42-year-old female allegedly assaulted a police officer following an incident at Darwin Watch House last night. Charges are expected to be laid later this afternoon.

Under section 189A of the Criminal Code Act 1983, assaults on police or emergency workers carry maximum penalties of imprisonment of 16 years.

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