Media release

Rescue – Daly River


Northern Territory Police and the Malak Malak Rangers assisted with the rescue of two adults and a child on the Daly River yesterday.

The trio were on an extended fishing trip in the area when they were forced to activate their emergency beacon (EPIRB) around 11am, after their vessel had been overturned and beached due to poor weather.

The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) tasked Police Air Wing to fly over the area and confirm the location. The boaters had written a message in the sand for rescuers, indicating they were all safe.

With the trio located, Daly River Police and Malak Malak Rangers deployed a vessel to the site. A helicopter from Off Shore Services was also deployed from Darwin with the assistance of Water Police, locating and rescuing the trio at around 2pm, before transporting them back to Darwin for assessment.

In response to the EPIRB activation, JRCC, the NT Joint Emergency Services Call Centre, Water Police, Police Air Wing, Off Shore Services, Daly River Police and the Malak Malak Rangers all worked together to successfully rescue the trio.

Acting Senior Sergeant Isobel Cummins said, “This was a fantastic result and we are all very happy to see these fishos back safe and sound.

“Police would like to remind mariners of the importance of having personal and vessel safety equipment when venturing out on Territory waters.

“Without the activation of their EPIRB the trio may have been stranded at the location for an extended period in what can be best be described as unfavourable conditions.”

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